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Michael Tarrant

Dr. Michael Tarrant

Current Position

Professor, Human Dimensions of Forestry and Natural Resources, The University of Georgia & Director, American Universities International Programs (AUIP)

Previous Position


BA (Recreation and Environment), MA, Ph.D

Q & A

Focus on your writing and interpersonal skills. Be sure to spend time in the outdoors and do not lose sight of your vision. Practice humility with mother nature.
I envision a very bright future, where the need for open spaces and to recreate will be sought after as much as the values and contributions of such places for social goals (clean air, water, etc).
Opportunities to work in and sense the outdoors and to provide others with opportunities to play and learn in the outdoors.
Personally, 100 days of riding through wind, rain, and snow on a bike touring trip across the U.S. Professionally, working with multiple agencies with different agendas and trying to focus on common goals.
I like the sensual nature of being outdoors (opportunities to feel, touch, smell, and be at one with nature).