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Foresty & Natural Resources Careers

About Us

Our purpose is to provide teachers, counselors, advisors and students, at the high school and middle school levels, a resource for guiding potential college-bound students to programs that offer forestry and natural resource degree programs


This careers site was conceived as part of the outreach component of a National Science Foundation grant (NSF 0501763) entitled "Association Genetics of Natural Genetic Variation and Complex Traits in Pine" and is currently being funded by National Science Foundation grant (ACI-1443040, ACI-1444573) from Growing and cultivating the forest genomics database, TreeGenes


Ideas for the content of this site were developed during a summer workshop attended by three volunteer teachers from North Carolina (Ava Closs, Brandon Higgins, and Jeremy May) with guidance from several NCSU faculty and staff including Tilla Fearn, Thomas Easley, Barry Goldfarb, Nicholas Wheeler and Lisa Schabenberger. This site is currently being developed and maintained by TreeGenes DB.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you, particularly if you found the site useful or in need of updating. Please direct comments to:

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