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Foresty & Natural Resources Careers

What you need to know

What can you do with a degree in F&NR?

Many graduates follow traditional paths as foresters, park rangers, conservation biologists, scientists and technicians, and managers working for private industry, government agencies, consulting firms or schools/universities. Others start their own businesses or create new positions that meet their expertise.

Human Diversity in F&NR

Forest services and natural resource employers are now identifying strategies to recruit, develop and retain a diverse workforce with the skills and competencies that contribute to sustainable natural resource management.

Where can I get a degree in F&NR?

More than 60 colleges and universities, representing every state in the country, provide degrees in Forestry and or Natural Resources. Individual programs range greatly in size of faculty and student body as well as the breadth of disciplines taught.


Genetics and Biotechnology

Fish and Wildlife Management

Environmental Science and Tech

Management and Conservation