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Annette Moore

Annette Moore

Current Position

Lecturer, Recreation Programming, N.C. State University

Previous Position


BS (Parks & Recreation) M.S.

Q & A

Students entering the field should love working with people and facilitating fun. They should have a willingness to work hard and to remain on the cutting edge of excitement, innovation and creativity. Students preparing to enter the field should focus on public speaking, writing and leadership skills. Parks, Recreation and Tourism majors strive to improve the quality of life for the people they serve. They work while other people play.
The future outlook for jobs in the field is good because many parks and recreation managers and employees are leaving the field through retirement.
Students and employers in the Parks and Recreation arena often have the challenge of communicating the value of what they do and how they fit in the community. The line between work and play is often skewed.
I like facilitating fun for folks!.