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Stacy Nelson

Dr. Stacy A.C. Nelson

Current Position

Assistant Professor, Center for Earth Observation; NCSU

Previous Position

Fisheries Scientist


B.S. (Fish and Wildlife), M.S., Ph.D.

Q & A

The logic you gain from courses like calculus and physics help train and exercise your mind. You need to have good math skills; algebra, calculus, statistics. You have to go with your opportunities. You have to be ready to hit the ground running and be competitive to get a position. Students need to share and communicate with everybody and anybody. GIS hits across every discipline.
Right now I would say its good, but its still very competitive. Those who are skilled can walk into any agency or institution and get hired on the spot. The GIS community is close knit and we know what everyone else is doing. Everybody dealing with natural resources wants somebody with GIS experience or background.
Being an African-American in this field and returning to a home community that has no idea or concept of what I do. I spent all these years in school and I had to validate why I was struggling and spending all that time in school.
Having the opportunity to keep learning as the technologies grow and develop; and also to work with students to see them grow and develop.