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Thomas Easley

Thomas Easley

Current Position

Director of Community Diversity, College of Natural Resources, North Carolina State University

Previous Position

Urban Forestry Technician, Resource Conservation & Development Officer, Forestry Technician, Law Enforcement Ranger.


B.S. (Forestry) M.S.

Q & A

Stay informed of opportunities in the community by reading and keeping abreast of past and current developments within the field of Natural Resources.
The job market is better than O.K.! Employers are learning that old job descriptions do not work! Employers cant have cut and dried job descriptions. They need to change ideas about the people they employ. So many types of jobs exist in the natural resources and forestry fields; people cant be pigeon-holed into one specific position anymore.
Conveying job descriptions to family and friends, having them understand the importance of my job, and having these friends develop an appreciation for my accomplishments are my greatest challenge.
I like the variety and different types of jobs available in the field.