• Adventure travel guide
  • Parks & Recreation Coordinator
  • Recreation Specialist
  • Environmental educator
  • Park Interpreter
  • Park Naturalist
  • Public Information Officer
  • Environmental Sociologist
  • Supervisor/Parks Maintenance
  • Park Superintendent
  • Park Administrator
  • Scientist / Professor

Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Parks, recreation and tourism deals with the human dimensions of natural resource management, seeking to understand the various different ways in which people connect with, and relate to, nature; thus promoting a love and respect for the environment around us and the people within it. Graduates in this discipline work in a wide array of venues, from wilderness parks to the inner-city.

Annette Moore

  • Lecturer
  • Recreation Programming
  • North Carolina State University

Bobby Chappell

  • Study Abroad Consultant

Michael Tarrant

  • Professor, Human Dimensions of Forestry and Natural Resources
  • University of Georgia
  • Director, American Universities International Programs (AUIP), Ltd

Nathan Peters

  • Backcountry and Wilderness Ranger
  • US Forest Service

Kathryn Haber

  • Wilderness Therapy Guide
  • Summit Achievement