Jim Smith

Senior Research Technician, Weyerhaeuser Company.

AS (Forest Technology)


What attracted you to your current field of study?

My interests in logging, forestry, fisheries, wildlife, and the outdoors

Have your expectations been met?

I have far surpassed the expectations that I had while in college.

What do you like best about the field?

The variety in the work I have done and the challenges of working on new products in R & D environment.

What are some personal challenges you have faced in your field?

Field work in inclement weather conditions, uncertainty of employment because of cutbacks, and balancing heavy workloads.

What does the future hold for your chosen field?

As long as people use wood products, there will be a need for forestry and wood technology people, especially in new product development.

What things can students do to prepare for a career in this field?

To get a good job in a major corporation, education is one of the keys to get your foot in the door. Once there, how you do your job will dictate how far you will go in it. In the wood products business, math, science, writing, and computer skills are all very important. Work ethic is the most important.