Johnny Boggs

Biological Scientist, USDA Forest Service

BS (Environmental Science) MS


What do you like best about your chosen profession?

I like the day to day changes that research affords and the potential to produce a product that may influence environmental policy and land management decisions.

What is the future outlook for your profession?

I think the future outlook is bright simply because environmental problems and concerns are not going away. And issues around the environment are not just local, regional or national in scale, they are global.

What do you perceive to be major challenges in your field?

As the population continues to grow, not only in the US but the rest of the world we will continue to add pressure to our precious natural resources. Sustaining these natural resources for future generations is a significant challenge. So, the Forest Service is charged with researching and managing forest, grass and range lands in the US so that land owners and managers can make management decision based on sound long-term research.

What advice would you offer to students considering entering the field of natural resources and forestry today?

I would advise the student get a solid foundation in math and science and become actively engaged in extra curricular activities that are science and/or math oriented. These activities will help develop skills to create career and professional options and opportunities in the future. In addition, participate in internship programs as they offer many opportunities to gain invaluable hands-on experience and to form long-term personal and professional contacts.