Donta Fairey

My main motivation originally was to make money, but the reality is you dont select a career for that. If youre good at what you do and you like it, the money will come.

Undergraduate Student in Environmental Technology, North Carolina State University


What I like best about this field.

It will give me an opportunity to do things inside and out. Everybody wants to get their computer certifications, but not a lot of people are looking at things that are going to affect them everyday.

What advice you do have for high school students?

Dont knock it until you try it. Dont think that the environmental sciences are just the Greenpeace stuff. After you peel back the layers it makes total sense.

What is the future of your field?

Were trying to get away from traditional means of inventorying wetlands and Im using digital elevation models to do that. Its going to be a more cost effective efficient way to work..

What challenges have you faced?

As of right now I havent faced any challenges.