More than 60 colleges and universities, representing every state in the country, provide degrees in Forestry and or Natural Resources. Individual programs range greatly in size of faculty and student body as well as the breadth of disciplines taught. Click the map or use the menu below to view programs by state. Check out institutional websites and what they offer — the possibilities are endless.


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    • Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources
    • Dept. of Forest Products
    • Dept. of Forest Resources
    • Dept. of Rangeland Ecology and Management
    • Dept. of College of Natural Resources Interdisciplinary Degrees

    Degrees and Program of Study

    • Bachelor of Sciences (BS) :
      • Ecology and Conservation Biology
      • Fire Ecology and Management
      • Forest Resources
    • Master of Natural Resources (MNR) :
      • Fire Ecology and Management
      • Fisheries and Wildlife Management
      • Forest Management
      • Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Management
      • Outdoor and Environmental Education
      • Rangeland Ecology and Management
      • Restoration Ecology
    • Master of Sciences (MS) :
      • Natural Resources
    • Doctoral of Philosophy (Ph.D) :
      • Natural Resources